Galaxy Note 10 Plus review: the luxury phone

This is the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus. You know the notes, right? This manager becomes a mega cell phone, but now every cell phone is huge. At the moment, it has become the most amazing animal phone. Anyway, almost all the major Android phones now have really amazing features. Sohat left Samsung on the note and told you there are many things. In any case, there is clearly a prime angle: S pan, index. The Note clearly starts at 1100, which is a much more significant amount than similar phones, even Samsung who developed it. So you have to ask yourself: How much of this signal do you really need? (Ridiculous music) Now, before Tovar got into this investigation, I noticed that the remark is more than just a hint. Do you want something on the phone? Because it includes: a huge screen, first-class specs, a full-day battery, the right camera, the floor, an amazing look, and a messy AR sensor. On the other hand, the way the headphone jack feels damaged is practically one of the biggest cell phones ever. Anyway, at least I didn't get off without explaining myself first. This is a huge Note 10 Plus then a very modest traditional note 10. We haven't had the opportunity to take a closer look at the most trashy note at the moment, but if not, I prefer the hippies at the moment, and I think you might be very interested because it's just The Galaxy S is nothing but 10, and I hope most people won't want to miss the extra RAM and battery life you get in the Cool Note 10. The Note 10 Plus is a true note. It's about the same size as last year's note, and it's huge. It has a 6.8 inch HD + AMOLED screen, which is amazing. The Note screen might not be as expensive as you might find on the D Plus One Plus 7 Pro, which is the real downside. It's great for shading, and it's perfect for cell phones. The landscape looks like the future, as it does now on most phones. The screen will crush you. Also, it is an original note because, in fact, it has an unusual design. Once again, heavy glasses don't put the note aside - the way they used to. So how do we talk about gestures? (Pedal music) Samsung brought in a gyroscope and accelerometer in it so you can wave it for a long time to control the camera and possibly other apps. What you do is that you are traditional, and then you make those little gestures. Then the camera moves like zooming, switching mode, or taking pictures. This is the decent thing to do, and it should end there. Another thing that's illegal after all is the overload of reality graphics. So in base mode, you get stuck in the presence of people, your mustache, your story, your horns, or whatever you or they live here and there, and it works great. However, the most important thing that I must do is experiment in the "everywhere" mode. Because of this, you can draw shapes to create your space and hang in anything that paints well. It's not as accurate as the angle brush at the moment, but it is much better than I expected. At the moment I'm very happy with those two, but whenever someone uses it more than once, I can still totally blow it off. Currently, the real self-indicator design is located in the cement note in the phone inside the new product. You can take instant notes without operating the phone as before, but at this point, handwriting is accessible, and you can remove content from it via OCR. It works better than I expected, despite being in the trash. There are thousands of different things from this sign. He can move things around on the screen. Here's a weird little photo you can swim in the photo field. Also, this is a screenshot that lets you jump on the phone. Now, you are either happy with that little stick, or you are spinning. Also, this is reasonable. My advice is, see. The simplest primary intention to spend extra dollars to improve the Galaxy S10 Plus on the Note 10 Plus is: a slightly larger screen, a slightly smaller charge, a slightly larger battery, and an indicator. ۔ This is the place. Well, by the way, there are a lot of different things to note, and I'll touch on each of them. Before that, however, I have to admit that there is something more about the Note 10 Plus that I definitely like other than the quality. That's basically a good thing with sincerity. It looks like an important item, like the Rolex or Ames collection. You pay more for the logo

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