iPhone 11 review: the phone most people should buy

I'll make it easy for you, if you are an iOS person and this is a great opportunity to get another mobile phone, besides, you don't need to burn $ 1000, you have iPhone 11 Should be This is a great phone with a great camera that I have never seen in the best ways of smartphone and battery life. Similarly, Apple dropped the fee with proof of fee 50.

The iPhone 10 started with the R749 and the iPhone 11 started with the 699. This does not mean that the iPhone 11 is the perfect cell phone or that it has all the features and first-class features you can get. He doesn't shine anywhere where he is more important and he is perfectly polite elsewhere.

Also, if you want to stay on top of the latest technology, you can burn جلا 300 more and have an iPhone 11 Pro, which I checked in another video. However, I think the biggest victims of the iPhone are getting better so don't end it. Get the iPhone 11 straight, you'll be happy.

Lime lets you see. (Pleasant music) The iPhone 11 is basically an S-update for very specific years. iPhone 10R Equivalent design, a 6.1 inch 720p equivalent LCD with extravagantly modified corners, same large bezels, and similar aluminum frame.

From the front, it looks exactly like the iPhone 10R. However, Apple says that it has made the front and rear glass more original, the water resistance is a bit better and the camera in the back is currently processed directly in the glass, it is kind of perfect.

Plus, it comes in a range of new pastel colors. We have this lavender show. Overall the format is still a piece of surfboards and now really no less so. If you are looking for an upgrade from iPhone SE, this component will be greatly enhanced. In any case, the least important difference between the iPhone 10R and the iPhone 11 is the camera, and the battery life is much better and more modern than the new plastic processor.

There are so many other little things we can achieve so far and that's what you really need to understand. Plus, it's $ 50 less expensive, the hardest study I've ever had. In any case, Dieter Bone, the official director of Verge, used the iPhone 10R a year ago.

Besides, they tested the iPhone 11 this week. With these letters, I called him for his opinion. Okay, we have to start with the ways of battery life. I have been using 10R for a year. Apple says that eleven becomes longer than ten rupees, so what do you think? I mean, I displayed the 10R inside this batch space because I didn't want to put almost any stress on the battery presence.

With these posts, I don't run all day, the iPhone 11 runs all day, and I shouldn't pay attention to the battery life patterns. I agree it's a little better touch, but I don't doubt it. At the top of this, for example, you'll probably eliminate this perspective in less than a day, however, you really need to give it a try.

I think having a battery is first class. What is not in every case is of very high quality, the fact that this case still includes a deep 5W charger. - I vaguely feel like I have to go over the USB-C line here, but I won't do it for everyone. All things being equal, I'm going to ask you about the camera. At the moment, I think Apple has already done that and they've done an impressive job with their computer cameras.

They pulled in front of the pixels, what do you think? - So, I really want to start with the hardest understandable situation that I have to score or get close to. Along these lines, it's the iPhone11 vs. the Pixel 3. It has a 2x long touch connector with night mode and you can see that the iPhone 11 is really standing on the ground. However, he wants to scroll the shadows anyway, because he is not far behind the pixels.

For now, there's another device, the iPhone 11 vs. the Pixel 3, and here the iPhone 11 basically stands head and shadow where the Pixel 3 looks amazing and unnatural. With these letters, I make a decent arrangement for the iPhone 11.

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