iPhone SE (2020) Review: everything you need

- What do you need in an iPhone? Maybe you could think of something like a great digital camera or a long battery life and yes, you'll definitely need these things, but what you want from an iPhone you can practice, and needless to say, it's something you wouldn't normally think of.
 You want a component that works with iMessage. It will be trusted for many years. It has access to all the cool apps and is simple and easy to use. This makes the iPhone, the modern iPhone SE, more efficient than the Biss399 for the 64GB model. 
So this review is really very easy. Is this iPhone? Yes, check. Yes, that's a long way. It does all the work for the iPhone. The problem we need to solve then is whether or not it's eliminating these things properly. Basically, just paying $ 0000 for an iPhone means you give up on that method as well. 
So if you see an iPhone 8, iPhone 7, iPhone 6S, or iPhone 6, you will find the basic shape and the new iPhone SE fails. It has a 4.7 inch LCD with a true tone to change the color of light and it is a straightforward screen. Also, it has the largest and lowest bezel pin, and at the bottom is the classic Home button with a fingerprint sensor. This iPhone matches well with eight cases. 
It is IP67 waterproof, which is not standard, yet quite reasonable. In general, this problem is quite stable and really aware of the fact that the FOX fingerprint sensor is completely on the glass. And I would say, drum button, I just ignored you. I didn't understand much, but you are very good. However, with the general tenderness that we know, there are still twice as many newborns. 
First, I'll just say, those edges, they're huge. And I'm stopping it because the stock of cheap Android phones has figured out how to trim those bezels according to the bigger screen and smaller body. But Apple is only saving things that usually happen here. There are two sizes.
 It's 4.7 inches, it's small, but now it's not as small as this guy, the original iPhone SE. While this component is essentially no longer a smaller case than the iPhone 11 Pro. Unfortunately, cell phones are now international. In fact, I'm closer to a fist. A player's aspect might be that there is a node phone jack on the Healuthes phone which is now also an international cell phone.
 But at this point in charging, a bunch of Android phones was able to directly understand the headphone jack to be clear. So it's a little far from the baby boom. Apple Wired Lighting includes at least headphones, not just headphones. 3. Five adapters. Obviously, the purpose of this phone does not believe that this internal part has the same processor as the iPhone 11 Pro. This is the A13 Electronics. This phone is definitely fast, but the real reason is that this phone can be approached positively for OS updates in the next few years.
 Now there may be different Android phones at the same price, 9399, but it is not clear about the value, it is about how many times you have to spend. And with the help of this iPhone, you no longer want to send it completely. I hope the modern processor suggests that the battery life will be almost as good as it is on the iPhone 11Pro, but it is not. 
Anyway, at least I didn't get off without explaining myself first. I've been up all day and the screen time was around 4-5 hours. It is no longer stellar. I'm glad it has wireless charging, which makes handling the average Ash battery lifestyle less complicated. 
Let's talk about the camera. There is only one comeback. It is 12MP and has a 7MP front camera. And for a smartphone worth $ 400, I have no complaints. In terms of bright lighting fixtures, they look beautiful. Pictures are well described, colors are good and sharp. In short, it's the closest thing to the difference between this phone and the $ 8,000 iPhone 11 Pro.
 You do a few other things with the new image results and so does the A13 e-chip, but you still realize the fact that because of this you have portrait mode, you lose something that will save you a lot of money. For example, there is less light, and now it is not very good.
 There is no night mode for one element and another, when the opacity is really dim I feel the software maker is panicking and offering more corrections and much more. Someone does not want to be there. If you are coming from iOS iPhone SE, iPhone 6, or iPhone 7, you can still see improvement. And I realize that Pixel 3A and Close Pixel 4A are the same.

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