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OnePlus 8 Review

Here's the OnePlus 8, the OnePlus device for those of you who need this year's model, however, some might not be involved in waking up the notion that OnePlus is trying different things with its Pro model. It's made at 9699, which is a hundred and two hundred times less than the Pro that Dieter took a look at in his review, however, all OnePluscents are here anyway. Anyway, it was a great show. In any case, it has been rewarded with excellent battery life. It charges quickly, regardless of its speed, and Android is still as smooth as possible. And what's the matter, you get a screen with a recovery rate of ninety Hz, that's right, regardless of whether you need it for most leaders with the most extreme bleeding, switch to the standard version of the brand. At the moment, if you think it looks like a sexy traditional OnePlus device, you are not wrong, but the difference this year is that with the eight pros, OnePlus sometimes has also noticed some issues that OnePlus has been asking dearly for a long time. This is a device that is really making a serious effort to enter the OnePlus forum. The OnePlus 8 didn't make such an effort, however, and with a decent charge, no matter which phone is good, which clearly begs the question, it's a great OnePlus app that, despite all the hassle, it doesn't really crush the justification. ? Or do you want to spend extra money on a Pro? (Silent Music) But the OnePlus 8 is a cohesive device. It is used by Snapdragon 865 methods, starting with 8GB RAM and 128GB capacity, I will probably use the model with 12GB RAM and 256GB. 5G capability is available locally here, Wi-Fi6, such milestones, and it's a variation of the spec 699. Specifically, oh, I don't understand, a terrible package that's just as dangerous as the iPhone 11's price segment. So, basically, most of the details coincide. Interior of OnePlus Eight Pro with OnePlus Eight. The special thing OnePlus is keen to worry about is the use of the Pro LPDDR5 RAM, as well as the use of eight LPDDR4X, however, I differentiate the users globally. Struggle to take notes. This means that the two phones also appear to vibrate close to themselves on the front because the equal difference between them is animation, the selfie mode is in the top left of the presentation. In fact, eight presentations are sometimes quite short at fifty inches, however, phones are basically equal widths, they all come together so they don't feel messy especially when carrying them. . That means, in fact, when I took the opposite photo, I ignored here and there which turned into another photo. I would say the 8-screen device has been greatly underestimated about the features, maybe that's why I didn't enjoy the consistent interaction with the Dieter Pro, however, it's unreasonably connected, and you clearly go to notice. It is searched. Honestly, the OnePlus 8 is not usually a device to have a ready-made opportunity available to you after a short-lived tele-smartphone. Actually, I would like to see a Winplus test with a little bit of hardware, hello anyway, maybe just me. The screens are clearly not exactly the same. With eight, you get a resolution of 1080p, and ninety Hz, with a height of 1100 nuts. Meanwhile, it rises to eight Pro 1440p, one hundred and twenty Hz, and 1,300 nits. It may be, as it may be, please do not allow you to distinguish numerically from this number that the number eight has a terrible width. It's not, it's cool, it's vibrant, it's racy, but the most important thing is to confirm that Olympus clearly knows the best way to display telemark on a smartphone. is being. In fact, unlike Eight Pro, The Eight's rendering looks seamless in every case. Through the method of recognizing the feature's ability I sat with both sides of the phone, or I was told that there is no difference between evening and day time. Telecel feels quality and smart to use a smartphone. Applications open faster, and computer games run happily. You can find the flagship Android Reveal here. Yes, the oxygen is as good as possible, which I need outside of the manufacturer's framework. I am LG looking at you. (Silent music) So I'm having a problem working with one touch at the same time, anyway

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