Oppo F15 Unboxing | AMOLED Display

Oppo F15 Unboxing

Congratulations and welcome to the mobile Gantt survey, my name is Afaq and this is Oppo F15 and Inboxing from our core offerings. First of all if you need to know, like video and if you are new here, subscribe to our station and turn on the notification. So you have to mention our famous movies, basically, Oppo F15 is an alternative to Oppo F11 and this is a flawless introduction to the wireless network, but then we will talk about this 8GB PDA video focusing on only one project in Pakistan which is in garage RAM and 128GB has been set up. 45,000 in Pakistan but you can get it from around 1,000 to 1,500 in moderation. If you are interested in taking it to a small case, the assembly will be in the field shown below Phone Pakistan Unicorn White and Light Black indicates that our devices are working in two colors today, as of now, we have to unload Oppo F15 The cell phone comes with a SIM card detection tool, which ensures Numerous customer guides and silicone make this manufactured case and the Oppo F15 phone an impressive one. Check this out! The phone might be amazing and fast but before we take a closer look let's see what we have inside this area so it has a 20W VOOC charger on the edge and has a USB Type-C VOOC cable and no headphone hands now if we talk about the phone, then Oppo F15 is a very smooth and challenging contrast and in advertising, Oppo has highlighted this amazing ton before us Gorilla Glass 5 in which there is a pre-installed screen protector that will come with you. Check the height of drops and scratches, while, even the body is made of loose plastic - in any case, the lower part of the back looks like glass h glass If we detect the pickup position and ports, there is force present and the result of the screen exiting appears. While on the right side are the notch vibration devices and the SIM pad on the left side and underneath there is the headphone jack, microphone, USB Type-C port, and the current phone speaker, we must now go through that part that I've quote inside. The current Ion, which is the most prominent driving point of the phone, shows that the Oppo F15 has an AMOLED screen as most of the competition is not presented for this shipment. The size is 6.4 inches and this width goes well with it. Although there is a purpose outside of HD, it is 1080 x 2400 while the pixel thickness is 408 dpi. If we talk in general about its bright display, according to Oppo, the most surprising surprise is 430 nits in width. There is a great result at the top. Sorry teens and young ladies, no piercing design here. The gorgeous phone's fingerprint sensor is the same as the one inside its granddaughter, and if we talk about speed at first if you do, there are signs that you are the best at a speed I haven't seen. It's a bit reasonable to use a little bit at this point. Now we have to give this phone another basic warmth and that's the Depokam game plan. When the Oppo F15 returns, there's a quad camera cycle which is very important at 48MP. The most modern camera, 8MP ultra-wide Dagcam camera, 2MP macro camera and 2MP depth sensor are stable, while the front camera is equipped with a 16MP selfie camera, the front and back cameras decided to record a very interesting 1080 video anyway with BackDegCam, It will also get the Mayo GT at 30 edge per second in addition to MGT, which is basically an electronic transfer of images, and now I'm sure the camera desk between Oppo Made of phones we regularly compare the applause as a compliment to the camera that Oppo can use to help them, which also makes the Realm camera extraordinary. We have made it clear in a section from previous reviews that Oppo and Samsung's camera offerings can be close together, so now we must examine the overall process۔ Oppo F15 camera since it's a dump I can't submit all the tests on your reference yet. If I need your pairing, I skip many photo tests in the video. By DJCam's evaluation of this cell phone and through it I will do so in my full review and if I was impressed to see that he has now gone shopping at the station, we can add the must also focus on the interior of the Oppo F15. The phone has a MediaTek Helio P70 chipset based on a 12nm design and has a Mali G-72 GPU along the edge. By the way, if you look at the test results, you can see that they have not yet implemented the results while administering this rate, regardless of whether the Helio P70 is a very successful processor. In particular, if you talk about reliable responsibilities if you play with ease, then this phone will also manage them, along with the frequently used apps on the Helio P70. It will work without problems. It's only if you need to follow the rules and use the phone as a gameplay.

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