Samsung Galaxy S - THE EVOLUTION

Samsung controls the world's largest smartphone photo cycle across different phones every year. Regardless, the flagship "Hulk S" game plan is popular and well known. The Galaxy S rating was the main competitor to the Android iPhone, and it is actually taken into account that the much-needed Galaxy S was re-launched in 2010. Since the Galaxy S20 is the contemporary S-Series phone, we should check how Galaxy S game by making the project trusted. The Galaxy S flagship was introduced in 2010, and turned into another achievement with the promise of selling more than 25 million phones. It had a 4-inch display that will last until then. 512 GB RAM, 8 GB primary storage, 2.1 AD outside the Android range and 1500 mAh battery. Before the Galaxy S, Samsung ignored the way PDAs were made, turning it into an important quality tool and a real push for public prestige, which ultimately earned it the best mobile phone brands in the world. The Galaxy S2 is a huge achievement for Samsung, with more than 40 million deals ultimately sold. It had an impressive 4.3 inch AMOLED screen, and a viewable camera at the time with an 8MP head sensor. The mind is paid, outside of polycarbonate, at the time the Galaxy S design has been transformed into the best gaming plan for Android. Samsung has put into operation 70 million large Galaxy S3 units. The S3 suffered a major setback on the Galaxy S2 with its 4.8-inch HD Super AMOLED display, 1GB RAM and 2100mAh battery. The S3 looked absolutely amazing in the grip, it was a carousel I was a special pair more crazy and I found one of the best phones of the time. The Galaxy S4 did this regardless of whether it had a 5-inch FHD display, the 13MP, 2,600mAh camera was an IR blaster regardless of whether the Galaxy S3 shared after departure. Samsung bought the Galaxy S4 for £ 80m in cash, making it the best-selling Android cell phone ever. Other than that, everything has been considered in the Galaxy S5, the mysterious polycarbonate design, which has been modestly modified into the overall structure to the point where it has turned into an incredibly perfect symbolic fuse with many variants of the past. Not only do different people like the texture of the back, but they naturally develop tropophobia. The President also changed the Galaxy S Marked to a trustworthy phone to offer an unusual imaging scanner. Game plans weren't created this time and Samsung predicted 40% less than the S5. The Galaxy S6 changed things. Moving to different parts, Samsung has moved the Galaxy S phones to relative time, the S6 and S6 Edge. This pillar was introduced everywhere. Likewise, Samsung skipped the S Plan with a slow, artificial messy body to deliver probably the most important time. Additionally, this shipping has changed a lot. Likewise, they went with the QHD + shows for the first time. However, there were some bad decisions. In particular, it ran out of separate batteries and didn't have space for a microSD card. Samsung has never argued over business numbers, but it has bought around 40,000,000 deals. After enduring widespread complaints, Samsung has reversed microSD development to the S7 and S7 Edge. Basically each of them looked like a repeat of the past but the arrangements were changed and they featured 5.5 screens at different parts of the bezel. Agreements were clear with more than 60 million units sold worldwide. The S8 and S8 + have clearly seen the most obvious opportunity. Samsung Kanda saw the main idea of ​​Bezel Listrand yesterday, the house catch is gone, and the photo scanner is back. The length of the show exceeded 6 times for the first time. Samsung has announced, and not just a small pinch, that any powerful self-conceited by the S8 and S8 + has been hailed as a remarkable feat of belonging. The S9 and S9 + discovered everything that really matters, the S8 + anyway, the S8 + had a dual camera setup with the original variant unlocked. They have bought over 45 million phone deals for these phones, with the Galaxy S8 starting to get delayed. Withjgqidg S10 Samsung has provoked bats to create four hurdles. They did an intense watch despite the structure, despite the prominent light. Samsung worked in tandem with the screen with a punch-hole selfie camera along the edge. It also summoned the world's first unique fingerprint scanner, which is truly an amazing display and that way the required experience exceeded 1000. Galaxy S20 i

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