Samsung Galaxy S10E review: smaller, cheaper, better

In the last two years, cell phones seem to have not ballooned. Large displays, large batteries, and large charging labels for this small computer that we carry in our pockets every day. However, this component, if you are a person like me, you are not always able to carry a mobile phone in your pocket.

 With these letters, it's interesting when Samsung finally decided to give the S10E a smaller option. They are basically the golden locks of cell phones. You have to cut less than your first S10, but save a little money for a cell phone that weighs it down.

 There are additional packages to talk about, and I will. However, I basically advise you that more humility does not mean worse, and it is a massive relaxation in the age of giant cell phones. (Technical win) The best way to view this mobile is to adjust the status of E in S10E.

 If you've taken a closer look, you may have noticed by now that Samsung says it's the basic thing. However, what I fully expect from it is ergonomics. The plan for me to use it regularly compared to S10 and a large number of other Android phones is much less complicated because eventually my hand can see around the device and my hands reach the total screen.

 Am I think I represent a lot of people that tech enterprises can afford to make a much more modest phone. So far, I hope this will be a step in the right direction. In the United States, it is available in white, black, blue, and pink. From the beginning, it is clear that the S10E is more modest than the various Android phones, but in reality, it is not, at the moment it is very small in terms of display impressions. 

It is better if the millimeter is less than S10. If all else fails, however, you get a 5.8-inch screen compared to the S10's 6.1-inch display with thicker edges around it. When I first heard of the S10E, I thought that even with a 5.8-inch display, the cell phone was too big to be seen in my fingers and pockets

. In any case, a more limited edge is a very easy and excellent arrangement. At the top of it, I'm very inclined to place the unique power sensor on the Angled Power button, or the location of the S9 under the Advanced Camera, or even above the S10's display sensor. 

This is mainly due to the way your thumb feels when choosing your phone. At the top, there's a dive that lets you identify a user without having to search for them, and they're the best part of two different phones that flush it with a cell phone decoder. 

With everything being considered these days, this place can be frustrating on the left. You need to use your file or focus your fingers on it, and it can be a little weird, but the more you create it, the better it works and the faster it works. does. 

Another flawless part about the S10E's power button is that you can still use it to pull off a roadblock. That's the only thing you can't do with the on-screen user in the S10. Plus, despite the extremely limited presentation, I can't get to the top of the presentation with one hand. 

So the option to use it that way is very rewarding - as long as you use your right hand. We have to go back to the fact that Samsung's claims really represent represents: the basics. Really, this is just a run-of-the-mill term, but I think Samsung has downplayed most of the basics and lost some of its benefits.

 Like the S10, this latest version also features a Qualcomm-equivalent processor, Wi-Fi charging capabilities, headphone jack, stereo speaker, equivalent selfie camera, similar network implementation, water blocking, SD card slot, or There's even more internal storage like the Samsung Beaver. 

Expensive S10 model. What you're missing is a focal point, a bigger battery, and a more enjoyable display. The S10E has a full HD display instead of a quad HD display, due to its current, it has a better display at 1080P resolution, and it is set at 100 points compared to the regular S10. 

I don't think most people would know that. It's less complicated when you enter the point of view of the phone from this site and you start to notice a difference. As far as I'm concerned, I know that even after switching tones on the S10E for a more dynamic quality, whites are much whiter than rivals like the Pixel 3, and there's a store of extra power. 

For the past two years, Samsung phones have had curved edges, and the S10E's display is flat. It has large bezels, but I prefer the S10 design. Right now full-size GIFs seem to be rolling less, my palm is not twisting

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