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According to German DistributionOneFuture.com, we haven't seen any new shipments from Honor except for the Honor 10i launch in Pakistan this season, but the organization has another phone. Made with the name 10X Lite, the pass-level model is highlighted on the initial delivery. Here are the full reports.

With the exception of Honor 10 X Lite and our followers unaware of the current situation, Huawei cannot build its own pushpin processors because TSMC has had to suspend the creation of high silicon chips. And unlike getting off-the-shelf management, the 10X Lite uses the older Genn Karen 710A chipset with the 14nm accumulation measurements developed by SMIC. It is the China Semiconductor Organization.

Obviously, given that this is the Karen 710 edition already debuting in 2018, there isn't going to be a leap in execution. Honor 10X Lite has a similar CPU and GPU. Also, in general, it needs Google's support, and it won't add much to Huawei's current value list.

Honor 10 X Lite comes with 4 GB memory (while 6 GB is normalized at the department level) and 128 GB capacity. The battery is 5,000 mAh, with a 22.5W instantaneous charge (not so fast when vying to support the world's costs).

The Honor 10X Lite display is a 6.67-inch LCD that produces Full HD + resolution and has a chatter pattern in the middle of the 8MP front camera. Highlights 8MP focal point. To get very wide shots. Additionally, there are two additional sensors for comprehensive detection and dirt detection. The back scheme not specified. Honor 10x Light is black and it comes in green - both are glossy and have a modest camera panel. Make sure you have a unique side-scrolling scanner. Win future software costs about $ 230 (38,38,000).

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