Oppo A15s Certified in Several Countries; Oppo's Newest Entry-level Phone Might Debut Soon

Oppo will not finish setting it up by 2020. Renault 5 management, which has so far confirmed some confirmations, is not far away. Just like the 5G version of Oppo A53. In addition to another version of the approval level for Oppo A15, which was released a month ago, the Oppo A15. It included the European European Community (EEC), IMDA in Singapore, India's BIS, and the Malaysian vaccine Oppo A15. This information base is listed under Model number CPH2179. Also, the IMDA statement confirmed that it has a place with the new Oppo A15.

The verified records were made public, and in no way disclosed. However, they suggest Oppo wants to ship the item soon. If you pass the OPPO co-naming scheme, the A15s may be sent back to the OPPO A15 (which is still available in Pakistan). Keep in mind two similar phone names - Oppo O5 and Oppo A5. However, OPPO's naming scheme for the new 2020 model (or discounting in this area) is also confusing. Oppo A92 and Oppo A92s are unique models. This "version" is of better quality. In light of this, the A15s should be the overweight Oppo A15. Also, OPPO A15 and A15s have a variety of model numbers, which give priority to this 'review'.


To be clear, Oppo A15 appeared with a MediaTek Helio P35 processor and a 4,230 mAh battery. The screen is a traditional 6.52 inch IPS LCD panel with a 720p display. 32 GB capacity, 3 GB memory, and 13 MP camera.

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