OPPO X 2021 Concept Phone Unveiled — Meet the World's First Rollable Phone

Oppo X 2021

This year, we've seen phones go up on their own. Phones that appear. Really, even an unlocked phone is unlocked. Also, in order not to be outnumbered by the opponent,

Phone to tablet:

 Oppo itself introduces a structural element from phone to tablet. Oppo X2021 - Meet the world's first dynamic cell phone.

Modes and Screen of oppo X 2021

On the occasion of Inno Day, Oppo revealed a new device. This is a phone with an idea, which means that it will not be accessible to the user as a whole, however, it is basically supposed to be evidence of that idea. When in normal mode, the OPPO X 2021 is your regular 6.7-inch phone, however, at your fingertips, its OLED display extends permanently, permanently turning it into a 7.4-inch tablet. The mechanical component is used to enhance or realize a usable presentation (which activates the OPPX 2021 screen size). In addition, the scrolling screen is supported by the mainboard and the power is present and hidden from it.

Other information:

Drop phones aren't standard yet. If the Galaxy Fold and its replacement help, dropping two parts from the presentation itself isn't the most helpful answer for this dual chassis item project. You have to control the second display externally. Moreover, the hub does not consider any residue or water barrier. Samsung just needed to re-engineer the hub to take out trash and trash. There is no pivot in the Oppo X 2021 plan. Regardless of stiffness, not everything can be felt about the fold. Huawei's Galaxy Fold and Mate X both feature unusually high creases at the center of the screen. Also, when closed, these foldable phones are as thick as two phones stacked on top of each other - it can't find its way into your pocket.

Oppo X2021 received an even more impressive two-in-one chassis element response. Oppo vice president says the phone will be launched in due course.

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