Vivo X60, X60 Pro, and X60 Pro Plus Is Coming Soon in December 29

 The new Vivo X60 leaders ranking will be released on December 29. The official development of the Spring feature is still pending. In addition, more jokes were released on the web.

Distributed to Slash Lex by Chisoro Lex, the post features three models - Vivo X60, X60 Pro, and X60 Pro +. The shiny new Orion OS, which appears similarly with this arrangement, will help FantChos first. The layout language here is fresh, pure, and delicious. Additionally, Vivo has partnered with optics brand Zeiss (you can take it back from Nokia's Lumia line of mobile phones) as an assistant camera engineer.

Vivo X60

The X60 has a 6.3 inch OLED screen with a 90Hz liquid recovery rate. We have three rear cameras in the form of large natural eyes of 48MP + 13MP + 8MP. The front camera on each of the three models is 32MP. Finished with an AV glass, the camera panel rests against the back.

Inside the phone, 8 GB memory and a capacity of 128 GB / 256 GB housing Exynos 1080 with 5 nm manufacturing measurements. The cost of the Vivo New Model 2020 may not be the same, even the battery nicks are not shared, but the X60 charges over 33W.

Vivo X60 Pro

The Genius Edition is just a modified version of the X60. It has a fairly 6.56 screen with separate details. Equivalent to the internal storage space, however you get 12GB of memory and only 256GB of alternate storage capacity.

Regardless, the X60 Pro achieved a gambling framework by defining the rest of the X50 Pro. Anyway, it has four cameras in the group - 48MP + 13MP + 13MP + 8MP. Strangely, a phone leak has reported that the speakers are only for the X60 Pro Plus.

Vivo X60 Pro +

The most premium of the three models, the X60 Pro + has a 6.56-inch AMOLED display with a 120Hz response. It has four focal points in addition to the rear camera; a 50-megapixel wide camera, a 32-megapixel sensor, and two 13-megapixel units.

Vivo will feature the latest Snapdragon 888 chip from Pro + Qualcomm, which features 44W fast charging, 12GB memory, and 256GB capacity.

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